2021 has been a harbinger of change in its totality. Right from the way we work to the way we design our spaces, it has all been a huge transformation. With the new normal becoming a reality, there are a lot of changes that have been widely accepted across countries with regard to office designs to keep physical distancing in mind.

Right from creating a comfortable environment to ensuring technological connectivity, office designs have considered everything that an employee would want in order to have a great experience working in the office.

Let’s have a look at some of the best design trends of 2021.

  • Resimercial Design
Office design trends

With people preferring a home-like environment at workplaces, there has been a popular design trend that incorporates comfort with style. That’s residential plus commercial combined well together.

With people working from anywhere, it’s also crucial that workplaces provide flexibility to enhance productivity and set a positive atmosphere.

Right from classic house plants to durable upholstery and ambient lighting, a lot of care is being taken while designing offices.

  • Ventilation

Proper air circulation is a must especially when the world is soon recovering from the most horrible health crisis.

Office designs have seen an increased preference towards ventilation. The movement of fresh air around the workplace will not only be refreshing but also help in keeping the environment breezy and positive

  • Video Conference Facility

Technological advancements never fail to surprise us. Video conference facilities are a must in this time and age. To ensure smooth functioning of work and efficiency at all times, a well-connected workplace with a proper video conference facility is being considered across places.

  • Ergonomic Furniture
Office design trends

People have started becoming more conscious of their health than ever before. Ergonomic furniture reduces the risk of neck and back pain because of its conscious and supportive design.

Most offices are choosing ergonomic furniture to help employees stay comfortable even during long working hours.

  • Sustainability 

Office spaces are looking for eco-friendly design solutions that are sustainable and support the environment. Various things like water-saving bathroom fixtures, energy-efficient lights, eco-friendly waste disposal are some of the initiatives taken up to maintain a sustainable environment at offices

  • Social Spaces

There is a growing trend of building spaces keeping in mind the social distancing aspect to ensure the employee’s safety. Offices having huge teams have already invested in creating safe spaces that encourage social distancing in their decor.

All these design trends ensure that the employees feel at home and feel safe while working from the office. Right from their health and safety to their productivity, everything has been considered well in the design trends. There is nothing more welcoming than an office that understands its employees and gives them a comfortable working environment.

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