About Us

Woodenchairstore believes transforming your home into a healthy comforting, enduring environment for you and family; is an almost sacred obligation, to follow your bliss. An expression of your personal sense of comfort and style is not an extravagance but the simplest and most direct way to create an environment that nurtures the soul and body.
Establishing Woodenchairstore in AL in 2021, through serendipitous circumstances arising from an around the world backpacking honeymoon; founders, Tracy and Arnie learned the furniture. Producing and exporting furniture from AL for clients from USA. 
In the past year, Woodenchairstore is starting a business with meticulously crafted wooden furniture products. Our online store started with wooden chairs for kitchen, living room… we are trying to grow and offer more variety in the future.
We love talking to our customers but sometimes email is best because it will give us time to research any concerns or issues you might have and let us serve you better. Please email us at: [email protected]
Our Mission:
Woodenchairstore started with the mission of serving their customers with best quality home furnishing customisable goods just to bring your creativity out to make your dream look WOW!!
Our Vision:
To serve customer’s all over the globe to bring their imagination come true with our home goods experts and interior designers.
Our Values:
Always having focus on quality over goods we list in our site as we work on mantra called “Place Order and Forget, We will take care of rest all”